What is a Woman? – How to Make Sure You Are Attracting the Right Kind of Woman


There was a time in our history when a question like “What is a woman?” seemed to be self-evident. After all, the human species is a dimorphic one consisting of males and females, and each has its own DNA — XY or XX — and gametes (sperm or egg). Yet now common sense and simple logic have been cast aside, leading to a world in which transgender ideology has created a new meaning for this most basic of biological distinctions.

The problem with this new definition is that it completely changes the original meaning of the word. Instead of being an “adult human female,” a woman now simply means an individual who has had a different sex at birth. Apparently this new definition was created because some individuals who identify as women have been victims of gender-based violence, such as rape or sexual assault, female genital mutilation or FGM, forced marriage, and other forms of oppression.

It seems that the only way to get rid of these kinds of issues is to redefine the word, and the most obvious solution is to say a woman is anyone who has been assigned the opposite sex at birth. But this is a complete and total disservice to everyone, especially those who have been the victim of gender-based discrimination.

For most men, this is a difficult concept to grasp, especially since they tend to be logical and rational people in most situations. But it’s important to understand that women operate on a much more emotional level. If a man tries to understand her from only a logical point of view, he will likely come up short in the court of love and will never be able to attract a woman in the way that he deserves.

To make sure you are attracting the right kind of woman, focus on leading your own life first. You must have a well-rounded, fulfilling life that reflects your values and beliefs. Women are naturally attracted to leaders and will gravitate towards a man who takes control of his own destiny and can stand confidently in his own skin.

In addition to building your own confidence and personality, it is also crucial to work hard at your career or business and stay physically fit. A woman will want to know that you are taking care of yourself and that you are a good, respectable person who is not afraid of challenges or change. If you can show a woman that you can be an interesting and challenging partner, she will find you far more attractive than the many other men who chase her and put her on a pedestal. Those men will quickly lose her to someone who is willing to be more than just another pretty face. This is a lesson that every man should learn if they want to be successful in the relationship arena. Rather than chasing and putting her on a pedestal, a man should be a leader who knows how to set goals, take action and get positive reference experiences so that they can reinforce their current belief system.