What Does it Mean to Be a Woman?

Women play a variety of significant roles in society. Women are daughters, sisters, wife and mothers, and they also work hard to make a living for themselves and the family. The women of our country are also taking up different professions to prove themselves and break the stereotype that they can only cook food, clean home and take care of children. Women are a major part of every family and without their support, no one can lead a good life. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the women’s status in the society.

The definition of “woman” has evolved over time to reflect the changing responsibilities and attitudes towards women in different parts of the world. In Old English, the word was wifmann. Later, it changed to wumman and then eventually to the modern spelling of woman. In the same way, the word man was mn, mne, wer, and waepnedman in old English.

Despite the fact that women are a basic unit of society and they are highly responsible for the continuation of life on this planet, they are still not considered equal to men in many parts of the world. Women are not treated equally in terms of their socio-economic status, and their role in the household is secondary to the role of the male. Women should be able to live their lives free from gender-based violence, including sexual assault and rape, female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage, domestic abuse, and child labour. Women need access to health services like birth control, safe abortion, and maternity care. They should also be able to decide how and who they want to marry and if they want to have children and, if so, how many and when.

Walsh’s film tries to answer the question of what it means to be a woman, and while some of his ideas are insightful, he falls flat on most of them. His interviewees are not able to stick a solid landing with their answers either, except for Jordan Peterson, who offers a sarcastic response to the question: “marry one and find out.”

Women should be allowed to choose who they want to marry and whether they want to have children. They should be able to access reproductive health services, and have the right to work, education, and social and political equality. They should be able to vote, participate in government, and live a fulfilling life without fear of being abused or killed for their rights. The fight for women is a long and winding road, but we are getting there. It is essential that we continue to raise awareness about the issues that women face and encourage people, especially those in power, to support the work that is being done by NGOs and self-help groups. Women should also be allowed to enjoy the economic benefits of gender equality. This will not only help them in their personal lives, but it will also improve the overall quality of society as a whole.