What Does it Mean to Be a Woman?


Women are a special part of our society and they play multiple significant roles in a family as daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother etc. They work for the betterment of people and nation. They fight for the rights of children, poor and needy. They run social awareness programmes. They have stronger social networks than men. They are also strong fighters against social atrocities like female foeticide, child marriage, dowry system and other social evils. They have a natural gift of understanding emotions of others and this help them to support people in their difficult times.

They are natural multitaskers and can handle many things at the same time. They have a multidimensional mind that makes them unique and creative. Women are known to bring new ideas and topics to the table at work and they can analyze problems from different angles. These skills make them effective team leaders. Women are very passionate about their work and they can contribute a lot to the growth of the company.

Women also have a tendency to be more emotional than men and this can be advantageous at work. They are able to talk about their feelings without being ridiculed or made fun of. This can also be helpful when working with teams because they can empathize with each other and understand each other’s perspectives.

In ancient days, it was generally assumed that you were either a man or a woman. Even the modern Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster have definitions of woman that simply state “an adult female person.” But now, there are factions claiming to define what a woman is independent of a man. One of them is Matt Walsh, a self-described “theocratic fascist.” Walsh recently released a video in which he asks various people — including politicians, doctors, and therapists — to explain what it means to be a woman.

Throughout most of human history, religions have played an enormous role in gender definitions. Depending on the religion, some have considered people with XX chromosomes to be property or sources of bad juju magic and treated them with consideration ranging from that accorded to an ox to that given to a treasured grand piano.

While it’s easy to dismiss those who don’t neatly fit into a male/female category as outliers or anomalies, it’s important to consider the possibility that perhaps gender, and thus womanhood, is not determined by external factors such as legal documents, external rules, biology, genital organs, and internal body parts (except for the brain). In other words, maybe the only thing that defines you as a woman is what’s inside your head.