The Impact of Sexual Violence

sexual violence

Sexual violence refers to any kind of sexual contact that takes place without the consent of the person who is being forced into it. This includes rape, sexual assault and other forms of child sexual abuse. Sexual violence is a serious crime that is never justified or excused, no matter who the perpetrators are or what they claim to be doing. It is also important to remember that sexual violence can occur in all kinds of relationships, including family, friends and romantic partners.

Survivors of sexual violence often suffer in a variety of ways as a result of the trauma they experience. Some of the most obvious impacts include physical and emotional problems, relationship difficulties and difficulty finding work or school. These issues can have lasting effects on a survivor’s life and well-being, even after the trauma has passed.

Some victims may find that they have lost interest in sexual activity, have a decreased appetite or experience a loss of pleasure from sexual activity. They may have trouble trusting others, be afraid of intimacy or feel that they are not worthy of sexual attention or affection. They can have trouble sleeping or experience nightmares. Survivors can feel guilty or ashamed for having these feelings, especially when they feel they are not being true to themselves.

Sexual abuse and assault can impact children, men and women of all ages. It can happen in many different places and to people of all backgrounds, faiths and sexual orientations. It can be committed by family members, neighbours, friends and strangers. It can be a form of power abuse, or a form of revenge. It can be carried out in families, at schools, in workplaces and neighbourhoods, on college campuses, and in religious communities.

It is important to remember that no one ever asks to be raped. It is a very aggressive act that usually involves physical force or the threat of violence. Often, perpetrators will target people who seem unaware of their surroundings, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are alone and isolated from their peers. It is also not the victim’s fault, no matter what they were wearing or whether they were out at night or with a stranger.

Sexual violence has a significant negative impact on the community in which it occurs. It destroys a basic sense of safety and trust that we all need in our societies. It also costs the community in terms of financial expenditures for medical services, police investigation and crisis and counselling centres. It can also cost in the form of reduced economic contributions from those who have been affected by sexual violence and their families. These expenses are a waste of resources that could be better spent on things like education, healthcare and development.