5 Unique Challenges Women Face


Women (and girls) face unique challenges that men and boys do not. While the #MeToo movement has begun to smash down centuries of patriarchy, there is still so much work to be done for gender equality. Women face a myriad of daily struggles, from the mundane to the utterly absurd, that only other women truly understand.

1. The sex discrimination they endure.

It’s a fact: women are the target of sex discrimination on a scale unparalleled by other minorities. Cis and trans women alike are subjected to misogynistic comments, verbal abuse, sexual assault, and countless other forms of sexism. These attacks make it hard for women to feel safe at home, at work, and in public spaces. This is an ongoing struggle that has no end in sight.

2. The constant need to prove themselves in male-dominated fields.

It can be challenging to find a workplace that values the skills and experiences women bring to the table. The sexism that female employees experience at work can cause them to be less likely to get promoted and have a harder time finding a well-paying job, all because they are women. Even in industries that are supposedly “neutral” or ”inclusive,” many women still feel like they aren’t valued.

3. The juggling act of career and family responsibilities.

Women often choose to work to improve their financial situation and gain more prestige in the workforce, but that can mean putting in late nights and missing important family events. This can have a negative effect on their mental health and can lead to burnout over time.

4. The fact that they are more expensive to maintain than men.

Women tend to have more expenses than men, especially when it comes to clothing and hygiene products. It can also be difficult for them to find affordable housing in cities where rents are sky-high. This can disproportionately impact poor women, who are already at a disadvantage in the labor market due to lower wages.

5. The fact that women are more susceptible to certain diseases.

There are some medical conditions that are more common among women than men, including reproductive cancers and autoimmune diseases. These illnesses can have a serious impact on a woman’s life, but it’s impossible to predict the future.

As such, it’s essential for women to stay educated about their health and know how to best protect themselves. Women also need to support each other and fight for gender equality. The sexism they experience can have a profoundly negative impact on their lives, but if we stick together and fight for our rights, we can overcome this societal injustice.